The Grail Singers' Website


A short paragraph- a vision statement- who we are and why we are who we are. A selection from one of our CDs that plays as soon as the page is accessed. A photo, maybe of the new conductor rehearsing the chorus, the date of our next concert, and either a link to a page with the program, or the program itself.

Meet the Grail Singers:

Photos and brief bios- musical backgrounds and interests.Each individual should  probably write their own. Maybe the structure of our organization

Our History:

Just that- the history of the Grail Singers- When was it founded and by whom- Who were the influential members- maybe a note about the past director, and the new director.

Concert Listings and Programs: 

Upcoming concerts- Next years season,and past programs, to give the visitor an idea of the kinds of programs we host, and the kinds of artists who perform with us.


List our CDs- maybe photo images of them, and (perhaps) an interactive page where they can purchase them. You could also list and sell CD's of people who have been guest artists in your series. 

Contact Us:

We can have both a Guest Book and a Contact Us page if we want. But here is where we put our email and/or mailing address- we should have a Po Box if we want to list a real address. If we have a Guest Book as well, we could invite comments and get names and addresses, and create a database of interested persons. 

Friends and Colleagues:

This is a page for reciprocal links. You can have links to Medieval Studies departments at Universities, Other early music groups, other music groups to which members of the Grail Singers belong, (The Ann Arbor Symphony), and Literature sites- other scholarly sites which might be interested in the same time periods. The important thing here is we can have links to local groups, and promote music locally, but we can also have links to outside groups and organizations-  We could have links to music stores. What we want ideally is to have them put our link on their site as well, so that we will get more traffic to our site.
I also advocate having ads- using Google Adsense. Although you would not make very much money, it would pay for the cost of the site.


Behold, I tell you a mystery; we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be chang'd in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet.
Bass Aria from The Messiah, by Georg Friedrich Handel

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